By and For Specialists

Do you provide French services in the justice sector in Canada?

We can help. 

The Centre canadien de français juridique inc. (CCFJ) provides training in French legal terminology across Canada. Whether you work in the courtroom, at the courthouse or with the public, the CCFJ can help you work more effectively in French.

The CCFJ’s programs are geared to all who work in the justice system in Canada, whether in the public or private sector. Our programs target provincial and territorial department of justice employees, provincially appointed judges, police, and private sector lawyers. The CCFJ’s pedagogical approach is based on solid training, designed by experts in the field and led by professionals, complemented by networking opportunities. The training is designed by a team of experienced professionals, and topics are selected from those most likely to arise in your workplace. By offering advanced training opportunities in legal French, primarily in criminal and family law, the CCFJ aims to facilitate access to justice in French across Canada. To confirm your eligibility for any of the CCFJ programs, contact us at [email protected].

The CCFJ offers two major programs and customized training.

Legal Terminology Training Programs

Every January, the CCFJ brings together over 100 participants from across Canada for a week of legal terminology training in French. The training week’s topic changes every year, but is always relevant to the participants. One part of the week is devoted to family law terminology, and the other to criminal law.

The training week is always preceded by preparatory webinars. The criminal law webinars are geared towards members of one profession (probation officers, court clerks, interpreters, crown attorneys), while the family law webinars are open to all involved in family law, whether from the public or private sector.

Certification Programs in French Legal Terminology

Would you like to improve your knowledge of French legal terminology? The CCFJ’s Certification Programs allow you to achieve that goal, and provides you with a certificate that you can show your current or future employers. Choose from three programs: Criminal Law, Family Law, and General Law. Each program is completed in 45 hours of self-study including readings, written exercises and videos.

This course is not intended for beginners. Registrants must show some proficiency in reading, listening and speaking in French.

Customized Programs

In addition to its Certification Program and its Criminal and Family Law Programs, the CCFJ collaborates with various groups to offer customized workshops or training programs in French legal terminology. These groups include provincial and territorial departments of justice, provincially and territorially appointed judiciaries, law societies, colleges and universities, provincial and territorial bar associations and law societies, and others.

For more information about the CCFJ’s customized programs, or to discuss a program which might be appropriate for your group, contact the CCFJ.